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Ski/snowboard servicing

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You can count on our shop to repair and daily service your skis or snowboards and all the rental equipment in the shop. Our skimen have many years of experience to carry out repairs and take care of your skis as well as possible.
In Desailloud Sports all our skis and snowboards for hire are repared, sharpened and waxed everytime they're back in the shop after being used. This is the guarantee of having an equipment always in good condition.
This is the most important thing so that you can have fun when you're on the ski slopes!

We repare your skis and snowboard in bad conditions

Do not hesitate to bring your skis to us or your snowboards, we will be able to repair them. We have all equipment and all necessary competences to carry out as soon as possible, even for the most complex repairs. It is important to often service your skis or your snowboards, that goes from there for your security. Since you think you have a problem on your skis, do not hesitate to call on our services at Desailloud Sports or come to us and we will advice you on what to do or not.

Regular services for better ski performance

To ensure the maintenance of your skis and snowboards during your ski holidays, come in our shop to meet us. You will be ensured to ski in the best conditions and with equipment of quality, controlled by our teams of experts.

Come to Desailloud Sports to make a diagnosis in store with our skimen to know what there is to do on your equipment or not.
Depending of weather and snow conditions we adapt our products and work to give the best results on your skis for a better glide.

We have in our workshop various services:

* Hot waxing
* Base repairs
* Edge sharpening with ski club competition machine TriOne and sharpening angle adjustment.

  > 1° - Waxing = 10€
  > 2° - Edges sharpening and hot waxing = 19€
  > 3° - Full service // Repairs + base grinding with structure+ edges sharpening + hot waxing = 29€

* Bindings control and adjustment
* Mount of ski bindings
* Maintenance of ski boots and ski poles
* And more services...

We will determine with you whats are the best options for your equipment maintenance.

Our price are among the best value in the valley and our careful job will provide you satisfaction and pleasure on the slopes. Excitement is back for you!

That's what make us well known in Chamonix! Great service for a cheap price!
Desailloud Sports change the way you ski.

Come to our hire ski shop in Chamonix and we will be pleased to help you as well as possible!
If any questions about ski and snowboard service, contact us!