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Want a change of scenery? Need of freedom and wide snowy lands? Come try winter hiking with snowshoes in order to get some wonderful memories!

It's now time to take your snowshoes and take a guide to try high mountain roads or go by yourself on the many snowshoes tracks across the valley of Chamonix.

Discover Chamonix Valley with snowshoes hiking

Our rental skis & snowboard shop in Chamonix Desailloud Sports suggest trying winter hiking by snowshoes in our wonderful valley!
For kids or adults. Come hire your equipment with telescopic hiking poles. 
Make sure you're wearing comfortable winter boots, warm and waterproof to stay in the best condition during your walk and you'll be ready to discover the most beautiful places of Chamonix!

The valley has a lot of untracked hiking trails that you will love to discover by snowshoes during some wonderful sunny days!

There are many famous destinations to try like Refuge de Loriaz, Bois du Bouchet, Aiguillette des Houches, Vallon de Bérard, Lacs Noirs et Lacs Cornu, Col des Posettes and many more to discover... 
Before you start go get some informations in our shop with our experimented skimen on where to go and do not hesitate to ask advices to professional mountain guides in their office in Chamonix. You will have all goods informations about the weather forecast, the avalanche risk level and many safety advices depending of your hiking destination and your level!

We have chosen TSL snowshoes which is one of the best winter hiking brand to work with!
Safety and quality equipment that's what we like and that's what is best for you to enjoy you winter walk!
We will also advice you some mountain or hiking guides if you want to go and discover some wonderful high mountain trails in safe condition.

If you want to book now your snowshoes you can use our online booking form.
Tell us more about your needs or if you are a big group and we will arrange everything for you.

Contact us for more details on your destinations or if you are a group and need some special offers.

Desailloud Sports, ski & snowboard hire and snownshoes specialist in Chamonix!